• Farm the current group of customers and help in handling their needs by answering emails, phone calls, quoting jobs (with the help and cost approval of the RHM staff) and determining all of the necessary variables (who, what, when, where, etc) up until the acquisition of a purchase order for the project from the customer. Once a PO has been received, the job will be moved over to our operations department where they will schedule and oversee the project until completion.

  • Perform site surveys and client visits as required by project needs.

  • Cultivate and Hunt for new work outside of Real Hit Media’s current crop of clients.


  • Extensive knowledge of the large format graphic installation industry (with a  strong desire to learn more). Must possess the ability to talk to existing clients with an understanding of their needs as it pertains to vehicle wraps, wall graphics, window graphics, retail POP signage, office interiors, dimensional lettering, banner installation, site surveys, and materials.

  • Must have a vehicle, as client visits are critical in gaining trust.

  • Always on mentally because this industry is not a 9-5 job. If we have off-hour client requests, we need to be able to handle those requests in a courteous and knowledgeable way.


  • Base salary of $500/week for handling the first $75K/mo of existing & new clients.

  • Commission of 20% of gross profit of sales above the first $75K/mo (excluding staff sales, ie installer/admin makes a sale), along with an additional short-term and annual quota bonus structure. NOTE: We will conduct quarterly evaluations of sales achievements.

  • Reimbursable expenses will consist of parking, tolls, and mileage (at the IRS standard mileage rate) relating to RHM activities. Meals and reimbursable out of town travel expenses will be considered on a case by case basis.  Approval from the CEO or CFO will be necessary. Monthly expense reports must be submitted by the 3rd business day following the end of a month.

Reasonable Salary Expectations: 

  • Monthly average sales up to $75K/mo is the equivalent of approximately a $24K/year salary

  • Monthly average sales of $90K/mo is the equivalent of approximately a $42K/year salary

  • Monthly average sales of $115K/mo is the equivalent of approximately a $100K/year salary

  • Monthly average sales of $150K/mo is the equivalent of approximately a $163K/year salary

Operations and Day to Day:

  • FARMING - After being hired as a new member of the sales team at Real Hit Media, you will work with our administrative staff (admin team) as an observer and offer help whenever possible or requested.  This will involve office visits as well as remote work from your own personal computer. You will participate in our operations as we take new requests from existing clients (mostly via email), gather information (evaluate), organize and price (quote), arrange for installation (schedule), and close out the project and deliver photos and invoice (complete). At first, all correspondence with our clients will be sent from our group email address, which is a shared email address with the admin team of Real Hit Media. There will be times when our admin team will ask for help in following up with customers about pending projects, or filling in the missing details of upcoming work, and this will help you to acclimate to our processes. A personal email address will be assigned to you, but that will be primarily used for new customers (your acquisitions) and internal conversations.

  • At first, on-site visits will happen with the help of either an officer or another member of the installation team. This will help us at Real Hit Media evaluate your understanding of field etiquette and prove your knowledge of understanding customer needs. When you are in the field, on the phone, or sending an email, you are representing over 20 years of industry experience.

  • HUNTING - From day one, you will be responsible for reaching outside of our current group of clients to develop new leads and create new customer job requests. It has been our experience that printers, media companies and other installation companies are the lowest hanging fruit for developing new relationships. Logging new correspondences is critical to maintaining order both from the get-go and over time as we do not want to miss any opportunities or pester anyone that might not be interested in our services. Once all of the Real Hit Media processes are in order, we expect the number of new prospects contacted to rise considerably month after month.

  • THE INTERESTS of you and Real Hit Media are directly in line with one another; the desire to close out jobs at high profit margins will make this into a very lucrative career. We will add the resources you need to help move your new projects through the Real Hit Media pipeline by adding additional CSR resources necessary to best facilitate all new project needs.

  • Your THOROUGH UNDERSTANDING of the Real Hit Media processes will help everyone on the team grow together.


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