• Our [P]RIMARY service is large format graphic installations.
  • Our [S]ECONDARY service is large format printing.
  • Our [O]THER service is in project management.

[P] = users of our installation services are large format printers, outdoor advertising companies, sign manufacturing companies, experiential marketers, search google

[S] = above listed companies without capabilities, real estate developers and property owners, small businesses, interior design firms, architects, business relocation services, search google

[O] = field surveys, design template creation, overseeing multiple market campaign activations, graphic design services, search google


Create a thorough list of the above company categories using industry related websites, and a targeted online search query.

Find examples from their websites of the work that RHM can also handle and identify (with shads help) some possible areas where they may experience struggle and offer a solution. if they do not have any struggles, is there any room on cost? if they are comfortable with both execution and cost it may be difficult to wrangle them from the current vendor. who is that vendor? might we get an introduction to them as we are always building our our network. companies in a similar "space" can usually find a way of making themselves useful to one another. perhaps it's our excellent use of technology, our talented team, or our coats being below them and they can hire us direct for the earlier referenced projects.

Have fun with the banter, most of our customers appreciate it. we are not doctors, nor are we a financial institution. we fall into a creative space that is more often a "want +" than a "need". an example of a "want +" would be a decorative frost pattern on office glass as opposed to just distraction "dots" the "+" is taking something ordinary and making it memorable or fun or extend the brand.

I will continue to update, expand and edit this section.
— shad


At Real Hit Media we use the project management tool Asana to create and share lists and tasks, click the logo to open the asana app on your mobile or desktop.