Job Description - RHM Operations Process Manager (OPM)

RHM Operations Process Manager (OPM) is responsible for assisting management with the following areas:

  • Estimating
  • Logistics
  • Installations

The role requires that the OPM be able to quickly assess the effects of changing circumstances and develop coping strategies that minimally influence other departments. The ability to quickly and independently process ideas and implement changes in the field is necessary.

Principal Duties and Responsibilities:

Assist estimating department in understanding and evaluating the scope of new projects

  • Time estimates
  • Manpower estimates
  • Tool requirements
  • Scope narrative

Assist operations department with logistics and scheduling of projects

  • Liaison between the installation staff and the management team
  • Game plan for upcoming work and how to best deploy crew
  • Recap previous day’s work, approve hours, completion pictures and notes

Assist installation department with on-site approach, training, installations

  • Most efficient use of crew
  • Most efficient approach to each project
  • Crew Training
  • Site Surveys
  • Installation help when needed
  • Supervise Subcontractor Crews

Other duties and expectations:

  • Proactively seek process improvement to ensure high quality client service
  • Perform client service duties on an as-needed basis; in the case of a difficult transaction, during busy periods, and/or for training purposes
  • Maintain a regular and reliable level of attendance and punctuality
  • Perform miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned

A Typical Day:

  • Prior day’s hours and completion pics approved by 11am each day. Recap any installation issues that occurred that may affect invoicing with the operations manager (OM) allowing the OM to send completion pics of to the client by noon each and every day.
  • Head out and meet the guys on jobs deemed worthy of some guidance/training/assistance. Lead the installation in a manner that both educates the team and helps them complete the job in a more efficient manner
  • Handle incoming questions from estimating and operations via iMessage, iPhone and Email

Tools Necessary to perform tasks:

  • MetroCard, Automobile & ZipCard
  • Standard Installation Tool Bag
  • iPhone and iPad with installed software:
    • Front App (email)
    • MyMeasures App for annotation
    • Adobe Acrobat (or similar app) for PDF annotation
    • Google Calendar
    • Dropbox
    • Native Mail App
    • T-Sheets

Key Metrics in evaluating the OPM's efficency:

  • Does OPM have always on mentality to answer questions?
  • Compare job time expectations with actuals. Are we doing better, same or worse with OPM?
  • Are the men producing at a higher rate when OPM is onsite?
  • Is time tracking by OM and OPM in better order?
  • Are OM completion pics and notes more thorough than prior to OPM hire?
  • Overall project understanding more thorough for estimating and crew?