Terms and Conditions


All billing will be made solely to the company or individual listed on the quote.  Any variation from this must be approved in advance of placing the order.  The customer agrees to the billing terms listed on the quote.  Applicable taxes and shipping will be in addition to the costs listed, unless specifically noted.  All billing terms are subject to approved credit rating.  For quotes over $1,000, a 50% deposit is required at the time the order is placed.

The performance of any film is warranted by the manufacturer.  We work closely with many film manufacturers, and will do our best to specify the correct film for the intended application, but the customer is ultimately responsible for determining the suitability of any film.  Upon request, we are happy to provide product bulletins and can arrange for a material manufacturer representative to assist in the determination of the correct film.

Our installers use procedures that meet or exceed manufacturer specifications.  If your installation requires specific non-standard procedures, written confirmation of these procedures must be received prior to the installation date.  For films applied to warranted surfaces, we stand behind our installations on new vehicles for a time period equal to the manufacturer’s warranty of the film.

In all price quotes and estimates, we are assuming that the surfaces to which we are applying graphics are clean and in good condition.  For example, semi-trailers are assumed to have paint which is not oxidized.  Surfaces that are not clean and in good condition may require additional prep labor.  All new paint must be properly cured.  If washing is necessary, it must be done the day prior to installation.

For installations at a facility that we provide, we require at least 24 hours notice for cancellations or a cancellation fee may apply.

For most projects, vehicles should be dropped off at our facility the afternoon or evening prior.  We prefer to have the vehicles pulled inside the night before, to ensure that all surfaces are dry and warm for the installers.  Wet and/or cold vehicles can delay the start time by several hours and result in deadlines not being met.

For installations at other locations, more than 24 hours notice may be required for cancellation fees or trip charges to be avoided.

For example, a crew may already be en route to a remote job site more than 24 hours prior to the install time.  Unless specifically noted on our quote, we always assume that the customer is providing an indoor heated facility. Vehicles should be pulled inside the evening prior to our arrival to avoid installer downtime and additional charges.  If a multiple vehicle project, arrangements must be made to move the vehicles in/out in a timely fashion.  With prior notification, some projects may be able to be completed outdoors.  We cannot control weather conditions.  Delays due to inclement weather may result in additional labor and travel charges.  We reserve the right to determine the point at which weather conditions become too adverse to continue work.

We cannot assume the responsibility for paint lifting during the installation or removal process.  In some cases, the cutting of film on the painted surface is required.  Marks on the surface may be visible after the film and/or adhesive is removed, due to cuts at the time of install or the tools required for removal.  If chemicals are required to remove the film or adhesive, a small area should be tested.  All paint may be affected by these chemicals, especially repainted areas.  

Once Real Hit Media, Inc. installers are en route or on-site, wait time for delayed graphics or delayed start time of an installation through no fault of Real Hit Media, Inc. will be billed at $125/man/hour.  Cancellation fees will be incurred on any install for which our installers are en route or have arrived on-site, the cancellation occurs through no fault of Real Hit Media, Inc., and will be billed at a minimum of $350/man/day and up to the full install price quoted.

If you have any questions about any quote or the terms & conditions listed above, please contact our Real Hit Media representative, Sharon Mennella @ 866-257-1926 EXT 703 e sharon@realhitmedia.com.